An important milestone!
Interactive Litvak Memory Garden!
This garden is a part of the growth of the historical and cultural memory of the exterminated Lithuanian Jews (Litvaks).
The garden is a memory of Eretz Yisrael de Galuta, a land whose Jewish inhabitants have scattered throughout the world, and the rest have been destroyed in the Shoah.
That way, we pay tribute to all who have given us the beginning. That way, we protect their memory.
See the map of Lithuania with apple marks. Green – Standing tree. Red – Waiting for your gardener. Click on the green apple to see photos of trees and apples!
We invite everyone to light the green apple light!





Dear friends, Jakovas Bunka Charity and Sponsorship fund has bought a piece of land about 1 km north from Plateliai. Close to the main road we created a stylized map of Lithuania. We want to mark all former Jewish communities of Lithuania with blacksmith hand made apple trees. Also we want to mark shtetls, were famous Litvaks were born.

We have only start this project. Apple trees in memory of Plateliai and Alsedzhiai Jewish communities already are „planted“. The memorial stone is placed in memory of David Volffsohn in Darbenai area of the map. The Fund does not have enough capability and money to mark all the places. We are inviting all Litvaks to do it together.

A stylized brass leave with a name of a community is attached to every apple tree. Also, brass leave with name of person, who paid for this apple tree, is attached on every apple tree. An apple tree is a symbol of the former Jewish community. And one apple is for a memory of a single family. Family name is written on the apple.

The price of the apple tree, transportation and „planting“ is 650 USD. One apple in memory of a family – 65 USD.

If you want to „plant“ the apple tree in memory of former Jewish community, you can transfer money into Jakovas Bunka Charity and Sponsorship fund account with reference „Lita shtetls memory garden“ and write shtetl and family (families) names. I would ask You to repeat shtetl and family names by e-mail

Jakovas Bunka Charity and Sponsorship fund
V.Mačernio str. 6-16, LT-90137 Plungė, Lithuania
Company code: 300570448
LLC „Šiauliu bankas“, Plunge branch
Bank branch address: Telšių str. 1-2A, LT-90162, Plungė, Lithuania
Bank branch phone number: +370 448 77010
IBAN (Account Number): LT227182000000071472

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