Sculpture „To All Honest Plungians“ – a gift to the City of Plungė from Jakovas Bunka Charity and Sponsorship Fund


Author of the sculpture: Antanas Vaškys Year: 2009

The Sculpture „To All Honest Plungians“ , Vėsims duorims plungėškems“, „די עדלעכע, מוטיקע מענטשן פון פלונגען“

There is a story behind this sculpture. In 2009, Plungė, at the very beginning of Telšių Street, right in front of the public prosecutor’s office, a sculpture grew out of the middle of the pavement: it was a stone-carved sculpture of a man looking ahead in the direction of the city centre. When the mayor of Plungė saw the sculpture, she was not too happy with the inscription which said that the sculpture was dedicated to the honest Plungians. “Remember”, it was argued by the city administration, “that not only honest people live in Plungė, thus the inscription is inappropriate to be placed in a public space”. How the perplexing problem was tackled? The sculpture itself remained in a public space, however, the inscription „To All Honest Plungians“ was placed slightly further away on a private territory which was leased for a period of 99 years.